Historic Milford Association and the Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce (MMTCC) have partnered to offer much-needed assistance in advertising and promotion to our small business community through the Milford-Strong website. Any business is welcome to participate in Miford-Strong; we just require that you are a member of one of these organizations.

If cash flow is tight, MMTCC will defer membership payments until August 2020. We thank you if you are current on your membership. If your dues are delinquent, we understand, and we will contact each member privately starting in August to discuss alternatives.

We humbly request that any business, artist, musician, or food truck please consider supporting us in August or as your business gets back on its feet. Like every other business, the Chamber’s revenue has taken a hit due to COVID, and it is going to be difficult to continue providing the same level of services to our members and community. As one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in the region (we have served this community since 1947), we have worked to keep dues as low as possible to benefit even the smallest businesses. With fees as low as $150/year, we are one of the least expensive Chambers in Cincinnati.

To cover our costs, the Chamber holds fundraisers to support the business community. Without these events, our membership dues provide only 40% of our operating budget. We need your help in staying current with dues in order to continue our operations.

Thank you for joining us on this unusual journey and most challenging of times.

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