Customer FAQs

How does #MilfordStrong help local businesses?

Right now, this website is designed to introduce customers to a new business they may not have heard of, and to encourage them to purchase, either gift cards to use now or in the future, or carry-out from those businesses that remain open.

Will more businesses be added to this site?

Yes! We’ll be happy to let you know if you add your name to our mailing list – or check back regularly to see new options!

Will special promotions be offered on this site?

Yup! We will be adding promotions from individual businesses as well as opportunities we are hosting. If you’d like to be kept in the loop, add your name to our mailing list.

Where can I purchase a #Milford-Strong t-shirt and other fun merch?

Items are coming soon! Check out our Milford Strong merch here.

Who created Milford Strong?

This effort is a partnership of the Historical Milford Association and the Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce.

Will Milford Strong only be active during the “Stay at Home” order?

We hope not! We see this as a great resource to showcase our local businesses in the Milford Miami Township area. We hope to keep this live and growing for a long time to come!

Where is Milford Miami Township?

We are located on and east of the Little Miami River off exits 55-59 on Rt. 275, or you’ll run right into us if you drive straight down Rt. 50/Columbia Parkway from Cincinnati.

Business FAQs

How do I get my business listed on this website?

It’s easy! Just fill out the form on this page and we’ll have you up & running soon!

Does my business have to be open to be listed?

Nope – we hope to encourage people to purchase gift cards from you even if your business is closed. If you’re selling gift cards, we will provide a link to your website and to your gift card sales. 

My business doesn’t sell gift cards online – can I still be included?

Of course! Just note that when you fill out the form, and list any promotions you are running. We will include links to your website, Facebook, whatever you do have.

My business doesn’t fit in any of these categories – what should I do?

Please note the category you would like to be in under “Other” in the category question on the form. We will adjust as possible, but we only create breakout categories when we have three or more businesses in that category.

Why isn’t my business listed yet?

We are working to add businesses as quickly as possible. If you do not see your listing within 48 hours of submitting, please email us at info@milford-strong.com

I’d love to support you in other ways – how do I do that?

Thank you! We’d love to have you! Please email us at info@milford-strong.com. We have advertising and other promotional opportunities, and we’d love to hear your ideas, too!

I have a food truck – how do I get listed on your site?

No problem! Just visit this page and fill out the form.