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OPEN DURING STAY-AT-HOME: Yes, 9 am – 5 pm

SPECIAL OFFERS: New customers transitioning their phone service to G&C will get new phones & data networking hardware (including WiFi). If your current system struggles to offer “work-at-home” capability, our system has you covered.

With this promotion, signing a 5 year contract (before July 4, 2020), you will also receive 1 year of that service for free.

Your first 4 months WILL BE FREE (when it’s needed most). That’s right – right now, out of the gate, 4 months free. After that (in year’s 2-5), every January & February will also be free. (4+2+2+2+2=12 free months).

G&C Innovative Technologies IP voice & video products offer the best price-performance point in the industry.  All of our products and solutions are designed to fully leverage the benefits of VoIP broadband networks.  Each portfolio is based on SIP standard and is feature rich – supporting both traditional and advanced features – support a broad range of voice codecs, and are easy to manage through web-based GUI interfaces.