Stroll with a Drink

Downtown Milford is unique in many ways – but one of the most fun is our Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, or DORA!

The DORA allows visitors to stroll down the street with an alcoholic beverage (sipped from special DORA cups available in restaurants). The DORA area extends from the bridge at the entrance to downtown Milford at Mill St., down Main St. to Copper Blue restaurant, and down Water St. , over Short Lila, and down Lila Ave. to By Golly’s.

If you want a safe social distancing get-away on a nice afternoon or evening, come on out to downtown Milford, order a meal at one of our DORA restaurants (listed below), order a drink, window-shop while you’re waiting for your food (so you know what to buy online later ;), then pick up your meal for a delicious carry-out experience.

And when Stay-at-Home is over, be sure to come back to enjoy our DORA & shopping before or after a meal in one of our restaurants!

DORA participants in #MilfordStrong:

20 Brix
Little Miami Brewing Co.